You are on your way to obtaining a uniquely advanced skill that puts you a cut above the rest in the styling industry. Our hands on training and online learning will build on your knowledge as a professional stylist.  You will have the ability to transform and develop your skills as an artist while  increasing your revenue stream along the way. Working with premium 100% virgin remi human hair allows each certified Pure extension artist to perform above everyone else.

Just as there are multiple PURE products, there are multiple avenues to follow when using PURE Extensions:

- PURE Naturals : Full-Application of strand-by-strand itip extensions. This service requires certification by our education team. Two Certification Options for you: 1)ONLINE Certiifcation: convenient and affordable, you can purchase a PURE Starter Kit and take the course online. Watching videos and submitting your work for grading. 2) LIVE Education: PURE Educators travel the country performing 1-Day Certification Classes. Contact us about class schedules.

- PURE Express : We do not require certification for Express application but it is recommended. You can view our detailed online application videos, attend a class in your area, or request information on holding your own in-salon Express class. Contact us for more information.

- PURE Radicals / Stripes / Ombre : We do not require certification for these individual strand applications. We do suggest you review our online application videos to be sure of propper placement and technique. You can always call us for more help!

PURE offers reciprocity if you are already certified from another professional hair extension company, call for more details. 310-656-7873

A little info on hair extensions:

Every manufacturer will state that the hair they are providing is the best hair and of the best quality.  This may not always be the case.  Therefore, it is first best to know the characteristics of the various hair-types on the market. Here is a breakdown of the different hair types:  

Indian hair: Known as virgin hair because at the time of donation due to religious beliefs, the hair has never been tampered with. Considered to be the best match for Caucasian hair.

Asian hair: Contains double the amount of cuticles, which contributes to its reputation for being strong and durable.

Indonesian hair: Same as Asian hair with a difference in texture. May have wave or body. 

Russian hair: Softer and finer.  Very fragile and very expensive.

A Term that is also associated with hair types is the word Remi. The term Remi is actually used to describe most hair types.  What exactly is Remi hair?  Remi means that the cuticles of the hair strands collected should be running in the same natural growth direction.  If the strands of the hair are not Remi, mixed opposite of each other, the cuticles will create friction and the hair will start tangle (matting). While Remi hair is essential to hair quality , it is not the only contributi ng factor in determining high-quality hair extensions. 

Pure Extensions provide the quality to achieve all the goals of a great extension artist needs.  All Pure hair is premium 100% virgin Remi hair.  We use a combination of Indian and Asian hair, which provides a perfect texture match as well as the strength needed for long lasting, smooth, trouble free hair extensions.  Pure Extensions’ quality will remain intact up to 3 times longer than any of the other hair extensions available on the market.